Business consulting by specialists

Our special knowledge in the real estate industry enables a significant contribution to the optimization of your secondary costs

Megatrends like industry 4.0 or digital innovations have emerged from pure ideas into real world initiatives. How intense are we really dealing with them? What is their actual influence on strategic alignment and operating model, our daily doing? What are the relevant challenges for your corporation and how well are you prepared to the tremendous speed of change?

Alpha IC permanently translates these developments to illustrate the impacts on your real estate initiatives, such as management and operations, life cycle considerations, steering methodologies or value chain. We will adjust your organization accordingly - efficient and goal-oriented.

Our consultants feature a broad range of experience from different industries, international assignments and various team constellations and can adapt quickly to any project situation. This way, we are able to support your management team with the successful reorganization initiatives. Moreover, we will be sharing our experience from the design and implementation of state-of-the-art IT solutions suitable for your company.

Consulting approach

Challenge and enable - two of the most relevant attributes to successfully mastering your tasks and responsibilites. We are professionals in all areas of real estate management, we do understand its key drivers and how they interact with each other. Thus, we’ll make sure we support your transition efforts - until you have realized the targeted benefits.

Our areas of support

We are the preferred companion to properly prepare your real estate organizations for the future.

  • Development and reviews of strategic approaches
  • Analysis and transformation of real estate organizations and their related processes
  • Skill based resource planning and steering
  • Optimization of expense structures and cost income ratio
  • Definition of self service vs. contracted services
  • Design and implementation of steering models for real estate portfolios and the respective contractors
  • Sustainability & innovation
  • Selection of relevant IT support

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