Individual IT solutions for your project

We support you in using IT for the management of your real estate.

The following approaches are available, selected with implementation and optimization in focus:

  • Management (CAFM, Computer Aided Facility Management)
  • Electronic document management (EDM)
  • Project rooms for design and construction
  • Tools for data collection and management of deficiencies
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Applications

Connected thinking

A strong orientation on process is a fundamental principle of our consultancy. The IT tools used must be geared to the requirements of the client and the user, not the other way around. Thus, the operational and organizational structure, personnel, documentation and IT are all factors to take into consideration. This is also why our projects are carried out in mixed teams with expertise in organizational consulting, IT and Facility Management.

Pragmatic Consulting Approaches

We do not believe in lengthy processes for selecting IT systems. They don’t add value to our expert judgement already available. Instead, we invest effort in the IT implementation and client change processes. This supports the longevity of the system.

Out-dated IT Systems without added value? We have the solution!

In many client organisations we come across complex IT systems (mostly CAFM) that are no longer adding value. This is often due to simple reasons, for example:

  • Staff changes
  • Obsolescent data
  • Leadership weaknesses resulting in lack of discipline in maintaining the system
  • Reorganization of the client business
  • Out-dated and unsupported systems

Clients have often invested seven figures sums in the purchase and implementation of such systems, which are not contributing to the business.

We have the solution: Alpha IC can conduct a rapid analysis to map the status of CAFM usage and uncover potential improvements. This method enables the existing CAFM system to continue to work, but renovated for the current needs.

Innovation and future orientation

BIM is now prominent in discussions about design and construction processes. In most cases we come across misconceptions about the extent of the documentation needed for later operation. As a result, a great deal of effort is put into maintaining data and documentation which in the end cannot be used for the subsequent facility management (FM). Why can a BIM not be later function as a CAFM? Backed by over 15 years of experience in FM consulting area, linked to the IT skills within the company, we can address these questions and provide tailored solutions.

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