Project development

When will the market punish properties that are not sustainable?

The deciding question that every developer must ask: “How do I invest today with minimal risk?”  Or more tangibly: How must I invest today so that I make an adequate profit when I sell in five or ten years?” 

We’ve prepared the ground for you.  Forward-looking and integrated planning directly influences the development risks.  The application of intelligent concepts minimizes risks that could affect renting or sale. 

Through increasing the intrinsic value of the property, you sustainably secure your position in the market. 

Specialists in new construction planning according to FM criteria and operational cost simulation.

We work with you to identify which aspects of the future development of the property sector should be considered and give you assurance with respect to the operating costs of your development.

Green thinking, sustainable profits.

We implement certification according to DGNB and LEED Green Building Standards using our own auditors.

Implementing innovative energy concepts.

We focus on holistic energy concepts paying particular attention to renewable energy to further the high environmental and economic performance of buildings.

General M+E design in one hand.

We offer competent M+E design in all aspects of building equipment interacting with the Facility Management criteria.

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