Building acoustics & sound insulation

Building acoustics are an important quality feature. They are crucial for the well-being and health of building users. Our focus here is on the protection from noise emissions from adjacent rooms, from external sources and from technical equipment.

The aim is to ensure regular and standard-compliant air and impact sound insulation. This is to ensure a peaceful environment, confidentiality, and undisturbed working in the building. To protect against noise from building services, special attention is paid to ventilation and lift systems.

The ALPHA specialists support you in the responsible design and implementation of a user-friendly and cost-effective soundproofing. We provide all the basic services and special services of the Phases 1 to 9, according to the HOAI building physics performance profile.

Our services at a glance:

  • Soundproofing according to DIN 4109
  • Sound insulation of exterior components
  • Noise forecast (according to TA-Noise)
  • Noise control
  • Concept development for architects and planners
  • Building acoustics / soundproofing report for LEED, DGNB, etc.

Apart from the sound insulation required by public law, the individual requirements of the building owners can also be taken into account. Once a soundproofing level has been determined together, the plans are then optimized.

We offer our consulting services both for new construction as well as for existing buildings. Our portfolio includes office buildings, educational institutions and other public or commercial real estate.

In addition to the focus on the user within a building, we also consider another aspect within the framework of building acoustics: the protection of the environment from noise from the property (sound protection).


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