Energy modeling

We prepare thermal building simulations in 3D for you. You get precise values for a optimal building climate. This guides you on how to invest in exactly what your building needs.

Exact dimensioning

Our goal is to design your building from the beginning to minimise energy consumption.

We simulate the hourly energy consumption of your building. You see the exact energy consumption estimates and know which installations are operating effectively.  This identifies efficient heating and cooling systems and saves 10-20% energy compared with conventional estimates based on peak loads.

Solar radiation gains are calculated separately for each façade, considering any shading from other buildings.  Using this information, your building is designed to optimally use sun protection measures.

Detailed simulation of the supply and exhaust air flows concepts are developed to combine comfort and energy efficiency.  Finally, lighting simulation shows how your building can be shown in the best light.  The results of these building  simulations support the realisation of the highest standards.

Building simulation conforming to ASHRAE 

When certifying a building according to LEED, the energy efficiency must be proven in accordance with the American energy norm ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G (Performance Rating Method) by means of a 3D building simulation. 

Our simulation specialists are LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED APs) bringing knowledge on the proof of compliance towards the inspecting association USGBC. Prior to the certification, we prepare a Pre-assessment and estimate the achievable points.

Of course we also check your building on compliance with the architectural minimum requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 and ASHRAE 62.1., as for example presence-dependent lighting control, vestibules at main entrances etc.

We accompany you throughout the first design through commissioning until your building is in operation. This enables us to secure your ambitious energy savings targets.

Validating the energy efficiency in operation will be rewarded with additional points in the credit Measurement & Verification.

We provide energy simulations both for our own LEED projects, as well as for extern LEED projects.

Energy models play an important role also for other building certifications, e.g. DGNB or BREEAM by simulation of daylight and thermal comfort according to ISO 7730 and EN15251.

Façade Studies

Using building simulation, we compare different facades to find out, which façade fits your building best.

We consider thermal user comfort, daylight, comfortableness, the deprivation of heat input (cooling) and the economic efficiency. In cooperation with our associate company ALPHA FM, we analyze operating and maintenance costs. So, we consider your façade from different angles and provide you with a sound decision paper.


Out energy modeling department supports you additionally with the preparation of ENEV Energy Certificates and all fields of thermal building physics consulting.

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