EnEV Energy Certificate

As a specialist for energy-efficient design and construction we provide energy certificates for new and existing buildings. We demonstrate that your building meets the requirements of current energy saving regulations (EnEV) and the Renewable Energies Heat Law (EE WärmeG).

Benefit from our experience particularly in office buildings, schools and industrial buildings. We are registered energy efficiency experts and SME consultants and specialized in complex structures and non-residential buildings. To meet the needs of the current EnEV and EEWärmeG, we deliver the evidence for:

  • Evidence of compliance with the EnEV for public-sector buildings
  • Certificates required for the EnEV
  • Consumption statements according to EnEV
  • Supporting KfW applications using registered energy efficiency experts
  • Supporting  the building permit process


Besides EnEV evidence, we also support you in further areas:

Energy Modeling

Building Physics

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