Heat Protection as a central component

The primary goal of our building physics advice is the energy optimization of the building envelope, the prevention of damage, and the thermal comfort of the users of your property.

Thermal building physics looks more closely at heat and moisture protection and façade ventilation concepts in order to secure the long-term quality and reliability of your property. We advise you in the following fields of thermal physics to current standards:

  • Summer heat protection according to DIN 4108
  • Thermal bridge analyses
  • Building physics for planning the alteration of existing buildings
  • Simulations to predict the behavior of construction components, spaces and structures
  • Room climate studies using the latest simulation software
  • Airtightness and ventilation concepts according to DIN 1946-6

Whether in new construction with conventional insulation systems, or in existing building stock requiring complex internal insulation and detailed solutions, or the use of revolutionary new systems, you get tailored solutions with the optimum combination of energy saving, investment and operating costs. We offer full support, from concept to completion. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we provide you with solutions individually tailored to your needs from our work in physics, simulation, technology, building ecology and sustainability.

In addition to building physics, we also support you with the advanced topics:

Energy Modeling

ENEV Energy Certificate

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