Room acoustics

Especially in modern working environments with an open plan design, the demand for good room acoustics increases. It is essential for good voice communication, whether as a speaker at lectures, a team meeting or a phone call with customers. Good room acous-tics bring acoustic comfort and reduce stress.

Both in new construction as well as in the renovation of existing buildings, we advise you to seek optimal room acoustics in relation to the intended purpose. Whether office space, schools, hotels or churches - we offer a wide range of reference projects that underpin our experience.

The design documents and the requirements for the construction work serve as source of information for our contribution. We will do everything we can to meet your individual requirements, taking into account the budget.
In the inventory, we determine the acoustic properties of the rooms for you through measurements and plan necessary optimization measures.

Our services at a glance:

  • Defining the room acoustic level with the client
  • Room acoustic calculations according to DIN 18041
  • Measurement of the reverberation time (RT60)
  • Room acoustics consulting for open-plan offices / open space workstations
  • Concepts for reducing the room noise level
  • Optimization of room acoustics in meeting and lecture rooms

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