Alpha’s history goes back 40 years…

The company was found by Arno Hölzlein in 1969.

1969     Foundation by Arno Hölzlein

1990     Establishment of a separate office in Gera

1996     Foundation of Hölzlein Ingenieure GmbH

2001     Extension of business field FM consulting by foundation of ALPHA FM GmbH

2002     First assignment abroad in Europe (Ireland)

2005     Retirement of founder Arno Hölzlein

2006     First assignments in Eastern Europe (Serbia and Hungary)

2007     Foundation of ALPHA Energy & Environment GmbH as Green Building expert

2008     Foundation of Alpha Immobilien Consulting GmbH

2009     Restructuring of the company group

2010     Foundation of branch office Munich

2010     Cooperation with US consulting company

2011     Foundation of branch office Frankfurt

2011     First assignment in Africa (Nigeria)

2012     Foundation business unit in Vienna, Austria

2015     Merger of the ALPHA Group with FM and EE to Alpha IC

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