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Sustainable real estate consulting and engineering services provided with passion and conviction.

Our goal: The highest property performance.

A property must provide a return to developers, to investors, and to its users. To achieve this, we develop step-by-step holistic solutions drawing on a sustainable and user-friendly real estate philosophy.

Creating value with real estate consulting from a single source.

We are committed to creating deep and long-term value in your property.  Under the Alpha IC, we combine our expertise and our services into five areas:

This is supported by three cross-cutting activities: IT Solutions, organization and innovation consultancy.

A range of specialists, one goal.

Architects, engineers, building climate specialists, facility managers, auditors - these are just some of our "tradespeople” who help you make your real estate project stand out in terms of sustainability, efficiency and economic performance. Under the umbrella of Alpha IC we bring specialists together who put their experience and consulting expertise fully behind your project.

We keep real estate consultancy simple.

You give us your goals as input and we provide quantified and measurable output.  We focus on your needs.

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