Commissioning management

Our ultimate goal is the success of your project with significant energy savings through well-executed commissioning.

Did you know that

  • 80% of installations in new buildings do not operate efficiently?
  • a hydraulic balance is not conducted on 3 out of 5 buildings ?
  • on average there are more than 50 individual system malfunctions, even after formal commissioning?
  • high-quality commissioning can lead to a 5 - 30% reduction in energy costs? This corresponds to a monthly reduction  of 0.3-0.5 € / m² in running costs for a 6,000 m2 building


The following is an excerpt from our range of services supporting commissioning management:

Services during the design phase

  • Design review: Quality Assurance Plan
  • Energy consumption estimation
  • Inclusion of the commissioning requirements in the planning and tender documents
  • Setting up a schedule for tradespeople for the commissioning phase

Services during the construction phase

  • Development of checklists and forms for the commissioning and acceptance
  • Inspection of the construction schedule and monitoring during the commissioning phase
  • Ensuring the hydraulic adjustments are made
  • Ensure proper implementation of the metering concept
  • Management and execution of functional and performance tests

Benefits during the use phase

  • Site visits and implementation of seasonal tests
  • Energy analysis and optimization of building operation

We consider the unique requirements of each project and lead technical controlling according to your individual requirements. We rely on a strong, cross-discipline project management and experienced and an interdisciplinary project team of engineers, building physicists and qualified professionals with in-depth know-how tailored to your project. To ensure the success of your project we use professional tools, including  ‘DefectRadar’, dynamic checklists for functional testing and simulation software.

As a by-product at the completion of our work, you can keep the full documentation for the certification of your building (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, BNB) in hand.

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