Energiemanagementsystem (EnMS) - DIN ISO 50001

As certified energy auditors we introduce an energy management system together with you leading to savings in your company. We take care of the complete implementation of the improvement measures through design, tendering and contracting to final acceptance of the works. You save costs, optimize your processes and simultaneously contribute to environmental protection. In addition, benefit from tax and reputational advantages.

Level 1

  • Senior management decision
  • Project planning, determination of the audit system boundaries
  • Establish the current situation with respect to legal obligations, energy systems and organisation
  • Assess energy consumption, identify indicators, define objectives
  • Senior management review, decisions on next steps

Level 2

Formal system plan

  • Energy policy
  • Energy organisation
  • Documentation and guidance of record keeping
  • Design of energy-related processes
  • Staff training and information
  • Determine rules for communication, internally and externally
  • Develop and refine improvements
  • Identify key indicators and data

Decide on starting a continuous EnMS

Level 3


  • Aims and measures, efficiency programme


  • Train energy team, definition of competences and responsibilities
  • Budgeting
  • Checking aims and tasks


  • Updating of the energy balance
  • Internal audit of system functions, saving potentials, compliance


  • Review and assessment of data and facts by the senior management
  • Decision on a new, updated energy saving programme

The introduction of an energy management system across different businesses is possible - in some cases even mandatory. We will advise you on funding opportunities in the implementation and carry out continuous or on-demand monitoring of the overall energy situation using the EnMS software. Incidentally, the introduction of an EnMS fulfils legal obligations for energy auditing.

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