Energy optimisation / Energy efficiency

We offer professional consultancy services for energy optimization in new and existing buildings. Our services include work to ensure efficient and economic system technology is used via a quality assurance using quality gates, energy monitoring using metering, CO2 balances or energy contracting. We also support you in developing your energy procurement strategy.

Quality assurance using quality gates

Through the building lifecycle from conception, design, construction and building operation, we assure quality at the so-called quality gates. We examine, inter alia, the design and implementation planning, the tendering and contracting approach and ensure the quality in the construction phase.

Energy Monitoring / Metering

Even without investing in installations, savings can be achieved by adjusting system operating parameters. We examine for example operating times, analyze trends and evaluate the functioning of service installations. The aim is efficient operation in terms of energy and economic costs considering all framework conditions. In energy monitoring we analyze your energy consumption and provide data in relation to benchmark values from our self-developed project-specific baseline models. We reveal saving potentials and document appropriate measures. We are happy to give you recommendations and make proposals for equipment replacement where relevant.

Energy contracting

Benefit from energy contracting and transparent energy prices, an increase in the value of your property and freedom from equipment renewal costs. We assess the potential for energy contracting based on your current supply situation and we define concepts and objectives.  Pre-selection of potential bidders using your business standards speeds up the tendering process. When the right contracting partner is found, we will guide you through the implementation.

CO2 footprint / CO2 balance

We calculate the CO2 footprint of your property - from construction to demolition, i.e. over the entire life cycle. Carbon bound in the building materials plays a special role. The CO2 footprint is an important basis for decision making in the design of your building. For your sustainability report we are happy to assess in relation to a particular time period, mostly the previous year. Your CO2 balance makes the CO2 emissions transparent and thus forms the basis for your objectives. Possible measures to improve the balance are documented.

Energy purchasing / energy procurement

We improve your procurement conditions and thus increase the economic efficiency of your existing property. Through targeted investments in installations and improvements in design and operation, enormous savings can be made. Savings just in the purchase price of electricity can be significant. We analyze your usage data and put the purchase of electricity out to tender. Finally, we find the provider with the most appropriate sales terms.

Energy inspection of air conditioning systems

We ensure a good climate in your building by inspecting your air conditioning system. If your air conditioning exceeds a capacity of 12kW, the law requires inspection according to § 12 of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). Alpha IC helps you fulfill not only your legal duty but also helps you identify energy saving and optimization potential.

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