Technical Due Diligence

We can conduct technical due diligence on your property development project. We help you by assessing qualities and identify both risks and value potential of your property.

The technical due diligence is a detailed study of your potential purchase of investment property in all relevant areas of external expertise.

Our specialists analyze in detail the strengths and weaknesses of your property. Past decisions and future opportunities and risks are assessed and summarized in the analysis.

The technical due diligence is part of this focused on the technological aspects of an investment. To check the technical quality of the project we as consulting specialists assess the property and related information from a technical perspective.

Special attention in technical due diligence is given to the maintenance, repair and the modernization potential of the property. As a result, the technical due diligence involves assessing the condition of the building service installations and a thorough assessment of the required investment and the future cost scenario. Furthermore, we consider all operating documentation for any weaknesses in meeting the operator’s re-sponsibilities and to cover potential risks of barriers to the legal and safe operation.

The due diligence report is then discussed with the management team and may serve as a template for purchase or sales intentions and energy improvements. Especially in the context of property transactions, the technical due diligence plays a particularly important role in the overall due diligence.

Through our extensive expertise in building technology and professional facility management our work serves as support for complex property valuations. Beyond the review of condition, we very glad to help you in the further planning, tendering, procurement, construction supervision and acceptance of the measures.

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