Audit Facility Managament Services

We make sure that your FM service provider is performing as agreed. 

Using our Controlling Checklist that we have developed, we conduct site visits concentrating on the critical points and major sources of costs.  This ensures that the effort in auditing is justified by the costs and gains involved.  

Following this, the service provider’s work is examined carefully.  This includes:

  • Examination of technical installations
  • Examination of the operator’s documentation
  • Speaking with service providers
  • Judging current and past invoices


Any deficiencies are graded by us and the resulting damage or loss assessed.  With this we see at a glance how serious the deficiencies are.  Together, we find optimum solutions to address these deficiencies. 

Failing service provision is normally rectified later by the service provider.  We provide the service provider with appropriate direction, organise meetings, and supervise implementation.  Our database system “ALPHA Base” that we developed supports the monitoring of deficiencies. 

In this way, we make sure that installations are intact.  This reduces the risk that a new service provider needs to address failings.

When it is not possible to make good the consequences of poor work, we support you in reaching a commercial solution with the service providers, for example through adjustments to invoices.

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