Technical and Commercial Controlling

Establish a fruitful collaboration with your service provider using technical and commercial controlling.  

Together we define the goals, service content and scheduling of controls according to your individual requirements.  In this way we achieve the desired result with optimal effort. 

To support the collaboration between you and your service provider, we coordinate regular scheduled meetings.  We steer and moderate the discussions and document the results. 

This ensures that differences are solved early and in a neutral way.  Through continuous influence, the performance is continuously improved.  Then only by knowing exactly the position of the partner can expectations be fulfilled. 

To support the collaborative relationship we use a market standard bonus malus system – a fair approach to meeting objectives.

Through scheduled and unscheduled site visits, we check the work of your service provider.  Our Controlling Checklist supports us in focusing us on what’s important. 

Our on-going invoice checking reduces the burden on your own business.  In addition to the content and commercial examination, the expert examination of invoices is valuable: through our operating knowledge and well founded overview of the market we can effectively assess if the costs are justified. 

Analogous to one-off controlling, we ensure the deficiencies are addressed or invoices are adjusted. 

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