FM Compliant Design

We think about the use of the building in the design and construction phase.  This reduces the operating costs permanently and optimises the use of the building.  

In this, it is essential that FM issues are considered as early as possible in the design phase.   Through considering FM issues early in the design phase, the space use can be optimised and efficient operation established.  

For this, we provide concepts for all aspects of operation.

Space use concepts

Everything required for running the building should have its place.  Through exact analysis of space, not a single square metre is lost.  

Cleaning and access

We check which areas need to be cleaned regularly and which installations require intensive servicing.  On the basis of the design of the internal spaces and the facades, we simulate the accessing of space and components.  We set out clear requirements for the designers that cover weight carrying requirements of structures, protection from falls and other health and safety aspects.

Supply and disposal concepts

On the basis of the outline designs, we set out the solid waste management process at the design stage, optimising the access and estimate the expected quantities of the various wastes to be handled.   The result is the rubbish containers are appropriately dimensioned and are easily emptied.

Measuring and metering concept

A sufficient number of meters is the basis of clear and secure billing of tenants according to the law.  If this is not followed, it can lead to questioning and legal disputes.   We therefore define the minimum metering requirements and the technical specification of the individual meters.

Safety and access concept

We conduct weak point analysis in which we identify areas and installations that require security measures.  The need for surveillance systems is identified, and space that should be subject to restricted access is set out.  The result is an integrated technology and staff concept that defines the efficient use of resources.

Through the FM design review, we ensure that these requirements re implemented in the design phase. 

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