Implementation and Start-up

We support service providers in the take-over phase and ensure that all services are fully delivered on time.  This ensures effective services are quickly established.

Often, the transition from construction to operation leads to a loss of know-how.  This happens in particular when the building is not immediately occupied.  Especially with complex modern buildings, it is important that new service providers are intensively supported.  

We make sure that everything is considered and that nothing is forgotten or neglected in how we:

  • Provide support in developing reporting systems
  • Examine if the staff are adequately trained in relation to the requirements
  • Help to establish operating and management systems
  • Establish a project organisation and determine responsibilities
  • Supervise deadlines in the start-up process
  • Unsure that risk management is transferred correctly
  • Supervise the commissioning and transfer process


Through the start-up phase, quality and cost is secured and supplementary work avoided.

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