Running Cost Simulation (ALPHALYTICS®)

We provide meaningful and standardised operating- and full- cost calculations for your property.  This gives you certainty about running costs as early as in the design phase.  

Our software ALPHALYTICS® was developed by us out of practice for practice.  All relevant data on the property, area information, quality of services, technical installations etc. are collected and serve as the basis for calculations.  After loading data, a professional report is automatically generated which, depending on the required presentation, is laid out according to DIN 32736, DIN 18960, GEFMA 200 or the operating costs directive.

With this you obtain comprehensive and transparent data and a reliable basis for strategic decision-making in property management. 

Estimates of running costs with a cost allocation model, used in the design phase, are an advantage in marketing property.  The calculation of the operating costs is so exact that you can use them in tenancy agreement with respect to rent for serviced and unserviced properties.   

Depending on client requirements, we use one of two versions of the complex database system:


The LIGHT-Version of ALPHALYTICS® supports the quick and uncomplicated calculation of the running costs of property on a statistical basis:

This enables the following:

  • Prompt analysis using current benchmarks
  • Statistical calculation of annual running costs
  • Presentation of maintenance requirements
  • Calculations made in relation to preventative maintenance


ALPHALYTICS® PRO enables the simulation and optimisation of the running costs over several years. In addition, the programme is a comprehensive analytical tool that can be used in PPP projects, architectural competitions, FM efficient new building design as well as the calculation of running costs.

The calculations include:

  • Accommodation costs in relation to space and facilities used
  • Dynamic estimate of full operating costs over 30 years
  • Estimation of all upkeep costs
  • Use of sector standard maintenance strategies
  • Optimisation of design through estimation of options
  • Professional management of vacant space
  • Estimation of energy consumption including annual indexing


Using the results in an analysis of life-cycle costs is an option.  The life-cycle cost estimates can be used as evidence in the Green Building Certification system.  

Curious? Ask for your trial version and use the free ALPHALYTICS® LIGHT!

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