Tendering and Awarding Facility Management

Get the long-term benefits of professional procurement conducted by a neutral consultant.  You get cost estimates and know in advance what results to expect.  

We estimate the expected results with our ALPHA Base software before the call for tenders is published.  This gives you data that provide security with respect to the possible savings.   

For the call for tenders, we use proven documents that have been developed and tested over the last 10 years.  Using these foundation documents, we can incorporate your exact needs.   We know how the services should be provided.  This enables us to produce a realistic call for tenders that functions in practice. 

We set out what is required in the call for tenders.  This is done in detail and relates to individual installations and systems and areas.  We also use new approaches such as KPA (Key Performance Indicators) and SLA (Service Level Agreements) founded on an outcome orientated approach to procurement.

A screening is done on the basis of our years of experience in the market and based on our study “Quality management of service providers”.  This identification of competent facility managers is compared with the requirements to identify a range of suitable bidders.  

During the negotiation phase, we are available to talk to all bidders.   We make site visits and deal with enquiries.  We examine bids carefully and discuss any important points with bidders. 

This results in a summarised and well founded basis for decision-making with justified recommendations. 

As a basis for the future partnership between you and your service provider, we support you in preparing the contract documentation which includes the FM contract.  This secures the required level of service in the contract.  This provides the foundation of a long and fruitful collaboration.

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