Waste Management

Waste Management Concept

We develop a customized waste management program for your company which aims to prevent waste from the outset and identifies the best possible use, thereby optimizing operational processes. Our waste management concepts can also be used as evidence in the certification of buildings fulfilling the relevant requirements of certification.

Waste Management Officer

The Alpha IC has trained experts who take over the waste management function for you and train your staff.  Your business’s waste management operation is monitored in relation to legal requirements for you and advice on optimal waste management together with waste balances is provided. This applies both to whole individual companies as well as to their branches or subsidiaries. By using an Alpha Waste Management Officer competence remains in one hand, and the risk that investment in expensive training will be lost when personnel changes occur is avoided.

Waste Management in Austria

In Austria, each business requires a valid waste management concept under legislation for commercial operations. It must be updated at least once every seven years and otherwise when substantial changes in the operation are made. Furthermore, companies with more than 100 employees are required to appoint a waste manager.

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