DGNB® Certification

We assess your property according the German label for sustainable building - DGNB. You will receive an early overview of costs and the level of certification achievable.  If you opt for certification, we will do everything possible to ensure that you receive the DGNB certificate you expect.

DGNB Quick Check

We evaluate your project using DGNB criteria (profiles) and you receive timely answers to specific questions:

  • which DGNB certificate can be achieved?
  • What options do I have to improve the sustainability of my building?
  • How much should I invest in order to obtain the relevant DGNB certificate?

In addition to the facts, we give you a personal recommendation for action to make a decision for or against a DGNB certification.

DGNB Management

As part of a management system, we integrate the standards into the construction process. We define interfaces, responsibilities, deadlines and procedures. A timely and transparent DGNB management ensures smooth and safe implementation.

You will be supervised by an experienced team with a broad range of skills. Our DGNB auditors are permitted to audit various types of buildings. The different competencies within the team ensures that value-for-money remains in sight. 

We take full care to proactively ensure that you receive your aspired DGNB certificate. Our DGNB advice includes management and record keeping and the handling of fees.  We are also happy to provide services focused on specific aspects depending on your needs.

BNB Certification

The BNB rating system for sustainable building is a quality catalog that was published by the Federal Government of Germany.  Our BNB accredited auditors can assess your building and prepare the necessary documentation to obtain a certificate.

DGNB - German label for sustainable building




BNB - Quality catalog by the Federal Government of Germany


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