LEED® certification

We certify property according to the international Green Building LEED certification system. With currently 48 LEED projects, the Alpha IC is a pioneer and has many years of experience in LEED Consulting.

I. Phase: LEED Check / Pre-Assessment

We evaluate your property and portfolio based on the current LEED criteria. You get timely answers to specific questions. These include:

  • Which LEED label can be achieved?
  • What options do I have to further improve the sustainability of my building?
  • How much do I need to invest to get the specific LEED certification?

Based on the pre-assessment, we develop a project-based LEED strategy. Our LEED consulting gives you a sound basis for decisions with a personal recommendation for action.

II. Phase: LEED Management

We train the entire design and construction team so that all involved understand what is planned and how it should be implemented. Using the American standards, e.g. ASHRAE in particular, is not a problem as we have adapted them for your country. All the original documents in English setting out what is required have been translated by us. As part of our LEED Consulting we take care of the entire documentation process for the design and construction review, and communicate with the United States Green Building Council for you.

Your project will be supervised by an experienced team of LEED Consultants with a broad range of qualifications and skills. This diversity of skills and expertise ensures that value-for-money is always in view. As managers, we take full care of your LEED certification and work pro-actively to ensure that you receive the label you aspire. We give you our word which means we are not afraid to commit ourselves contractually to your success. Our success rate in achieving the desired certificate is 100%. Furthermore - and this is important to us – we want your project to reflect the true spirit of sustainability.  Because we are focused not only on LEED guidelines, we provide guidance based on a wider well-founded understanding of sustainable development and support you with this understanding of sustainability.

In addition to management, our LEED consultancy covers building or system commissioning, completion of on-line LEED documentation (templates), provision of special documented evidence, and completion of fee payment.  We are happy to provide you with the full range of LEED services. We are also happy to provide services focused on specific aspects depending on your needs.

LEED® Commissioning

The assessment of technical quality and efficiency of energy-related facilities is a mandatory part of a LEED certification. As an experienced commissioning agent we provide the basis of optimizing the energy efficiency of your building. An independent authority with adequate LEED experience must be engaged in the case of medium and large projects. This experience must go beyond planning, design and construction management to include commissioning, acceptance and operation of buildings.

LEED Proven Provider

Alpha Immobilien Consulting is recognized in June 2015 as the only "LEED® Proven Providers BD + C" consulting company in Europe. The consulting services of Alpha IC has been examined for meeting the needs of the LEED® certification system on a number of projects.  It was assessed by the USGBC as above-average. This testifies to the highest quality project work. The condensed LEED® Process provided by recognized LEED® Proven Providers takes 10-15 days instead of the usual 25 days. In addition, an excellent score opens the opportunity to avoid the second GBCI round.  For the client this means an early delivery of the certificate with a 60% time saving.

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