Life Cycle Assessment

We estimate the entire life-cycle costs of your building considering different designs.  The end result is we find the most economical and holistic solution that applies to the entire life of your building. 

In calculating the life cycle costs, we consider all costs – including the initial investment and building maintenance, and the operating and energy costs. With the help of professional software tools, we estimate the effect of the different scenarios on the total cost.

Our building climate experts, FM consultants, service engineers and architects assess the results of these cost estimates from the different viewpoints.

From this we deliver a very sound basis for decision-making with clear guidance on the best solution to your building needs.  The estimation of various building options provides a clear basis for decisions.

A life cycle cost calculation is essential in particular for industrial companies that need provide an economic feasibility analysis.

A life cycle cost analysis is also required as part of green building certification (e.g.  LEED or DGNB). We prepare the evidence in accordance with the requirements.


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