Sustainability Reporting

Tailored to your needs, we prepare a report for you in accordance with the DNK guidelines (German Sustainability Code) and the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). We also produce reports specifically for your company’s use according to these criteria but with the design and layout adapted specifically to your needs.

To find the right content and formats for you, we start with a workshop in your business and then work out indicators and targets for your first sustainability reporting.

This introduction includes information on current legislation and the existing reporting standards on the market. The German Sustainability Code (DNK) and the Global Report-ing Initiative (GRI) serve here as a framework and common thread in the construction and design of your sustainability report.

Furthermore, we deal with the essential points of existing and desired CSR activities in your company. Here also the identification and integration of your stakeholder groups play a major role. On this basis, we develop an individual approach to your Sustainability Report.

Use your sustainability report as a tool to systematize your operational sustainability man-agement to a recognized standard and to communicate transparently.

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