GEFMA-TAG Bayern 2018


DGNB Flex certification

New process makes system applicable for other uses

The DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) already offers its own catalog of criteria for more than 20 building types. The different building requirements are taken into account in so-called usage profiles.

From now on, a new process is available: DGNB Flex.  With this variant, almost all forms of use can be certified by the DGNB in the future. As a result, builders of churches, data centres and many other types of buildings now have the opportunity to have their projects certified. Based on existing usage profiles, the responsible auditor proposes an individual requirement catalog for the specific use.

The question to ask is whether "DGNB Flex" is the right answer to really do justice to the diverse and complex issues of sustainable construction and operation, or whether it is just a new fad driven by the DGNB. In addition to LEED, Alpha IC also carries out DGNB certifications, as these have now become established as standard in the real estate sector. The certification systems evaluate - and especially show - the sustainability of buildings with GOLD plaques etc., and therefore they are an excellent marketing tool. For us, however, the "label" itself is mot at the centre of our work. Instead, we focus on the value-oriented advice as well as the user-friendly and optimized operational organization of buildings. Through this substantive "value ap-proach" we implement real sustainability and thus significantly increase the value of real estate.

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