LEED certificate for "Bürohaus an der Alten Oper" in Frankfurt

GBCI confirms LEED Gold with 68 points in March 2018

Alpha IC has overseen and successfully implemented the LEED certification according to LEED v3 Operations & Maintenance for the "Bürohaus an der Alten Oper" in Frankfurt am Main. A combined LEED pre-assessment for v3 and v4 had been previously conducted.

The goal of the existing building certification was LEED Gold, i.e., to reach more than 60 points. Thanks to a very good sustainability performance of the property and the operation of the building, the procedure resulted in 68 points and LEED Gold without significant additional investment.

Worth mentioning is the implementation of a sustainable conversion because three additional points could be generated by the implementation of conversion-relevant credits (MRc3 acquisition-installation maintenance and renovation, MRc9 solid waste management - management and renovation of the facility and IEQC1.5 management programme indoor air quality). Even in the commuter survey, the full score was achieved by a 75 percent share of commuters who do not travel by private car. By reducing flow rates, water consumption is reduced by 35% compared to an equivalent baseline building. A cleanliness audit proved that the building "shines" through its excellent cleanliness of the general and rental areas.

Due to the very good cooperation, the project was completed with an excellent result and Gold.

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