CAFM Handbook – Successful use digitization in facility management

Co-author Marko Opi? is proud of the radically revised new fourth edition

The CAFM manual of the GEFMA working group CAFM is a key direction-setting publication that addresses digitization in facility management. The standard work published by Springer Verlag, which was recently available as an eBook, was published in hardcover in November 2018.

Although technical progress has always been the most reliable driver of economic performance, it seems that technical progress in facility management and especially in real estate management can only develop properly through the possibilities of digitization and information technology - and by raising questions about questions.

"Of course, we provide our customers with up-to-date technical expertise, but as consultants, we above all have to look to the future. The CAFM Handbook has been demonstrating the implications and potentials of digitization for facility management, and I am very pleased to be a co-author. The fourth edition is the most comprehensive and, in my opinion, the best edition of the book. "Marko Opi?, partner at Alpha Immobilien Consulting GmbH.

The lead author Prof. Dr. Michael May (Berlin University of Applied Sciences) heads the GEFMA working group CAFM. All aspects of the successful introduction and use of computer-aided facility management (CAFM) are explained. Furthermore, current IT and digitization trends such as building information modeling (BIM), Internet of Things (IoT), big data & analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, block chain, area optimization, cloud computing, IT Integration, and the innovative capture and maintenance FM data and guidelines for the successful introduction and use of CAFM systems are covered. The work is rounded off by the numerous best practice case studies as well as tips and instructions.

Marko Opic



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