Developing young talent is a priority at Alpha IC

Alpha colleagues convey their valuable knowledge to the next generation

As a forerunner to a new understanding of values in real estate management, we consciously focus on the next generation of the industry.  These are students of real estate related disciplines. This is exactly where we want to start and impart our valuable knowledge to have the highest possible contribution to the protection of the environment that future generations can achieve in their later professional activity.

Michael Dax, Partner: Lecturer at Augsburg University, Master in Energy Efficiency Design (E2D), Module: Green Building & Sustainability and guest lectures at KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Teaching Chair Prof. Dirk E. Hebel, Topic: Evaluation Systems of Sustainable Construction.

"The interdisciplinary basic knowledge behind sustainable building is a cross-cutting topic involving all engineering disciplines (architecture, civil engineering, building physics, TGA, etc.). In my teaching assignment at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and the guest lectures at the KIT, I aim to convey this knowledge to the students in order to make them "fit for the future" in the preparation of their entry into professional life. Together with the university, I want to work to make sustainability an integral part of higher education and to provide students with the necessary "tools" as early as possible. Thus, sustainable building can become an integral component of the repertoire of future architects and engineers for a better and sustainably built environment."

Johannes Gellrich, Senior Advisor: Lecturer at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Master in Energy Efficiency Design (E2D), Module: Energy Efficient Design Methodology

"Building simulations are an essential tool in the design process. Only then can questions be answered that can no longer be handled with standards or manual calculation methods. Simulations thus make a valuable contribution to making buildings more resource efficient and cost effective. The prerequisite for this is first and foremost a high degree of competence among the creators of the simulations. Through this teaching assignment, I want to make my very personal contribution to increasing the simulation skills of students and convey the great value of simulations. "

Richard Weller, Managing Director of Alpha IC: Lecturer at the Nuremberg University of Technology, Bachelor of Science in Energy and Building Technology, Module: Applications in Supply Engineering; Guest lecture at the University of Augsburg, M. Eng. Energy Efficiency Design (E2D), Module: Cost of Use Accounting

"The students of energy and building engineering have a significant impact on the environmental impact of buildings in their later professional life. Creating awareness of this responsibility for students and inspiring them to value-based and sustainable action is the driving force behind the lectures on sustainable building. I see it as my responsibility to sensitize young people to such actions, to motivate them, and ultimately to inspire them. "


Michael Dax





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