DGNB Gold for GIZ Haus 5 in Eschborn

Herausragende Leistung mit 71,3 % erreichten Punkten

The German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) supports the Federal Government in international cooperation for sustainable development and international education. The new building "Haus 5" comprises the company's campus, an office building with a cafeteria, and a business centre.
The building was awarded a DGNB certification in gold in 2017. The most important sustainability aspects were:

  • Nearly full, green roof cover
  • Rain water use (approx. 22m³) for toilet flushing
  • 95.6% of the office space has a daylight ratio exceeding 2%
  • More than 80% of the net floor area in the office area is barrier-free
  • Implementation of the "local risks" criterion at the highest quality level
  • Heat pump with refrigerant propane R290 according to DIN EN 378 1-4 "Refrigeration systems and heat pumps - Safety and environmental requirements"
  • Heating / cooling by means of environmental energy and heat pumping powered by electricity
  • More than 80% use of FSC and / or PEFC wood from sustainable forestry
  • Operational temperature in winter as well as in summer according to Category II according to DIN EN 15251
  • Indoor hygienic measurements with best evaluation in both the VOC and formaldehyde ranges
  • Acoustic measures (ceiling sail) in the vaults

The Alpha IC has supported the DGNB certification for the "GIZ Haus 5" project in Eschborn and supported this high standard.

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