Efficient to LEED certification with Arc

Performance platform to identify and improve sustainability performance

Arc is a state-of-the-art digital performance platform that makes it possible to measure building performance, initiate improvements, and benchmark a building with other properties.

Arc complements LEED and other Green Building rating systems, standards and policies. Thus the tool can be used for a wide range of purposes from the optimization of a build design to the preparation of the LEED certification for existing buildings. Arc also allows pre-certification according to LEED. Alpha Immobilien Consulting GmbH will gladly support you in the implementation and application of this tool.

The system provides access to real-time performance data and a simple user interface with visualization of data in dashboards. Customized building performance analyses can now be delivered quickly and cost-effectively using Arc. The tool offers not only cost advantages, but also a significant time saving thanks to the reduced documentation effort.

Arc addresses five areas: energy, water, waste, transport and users. Monthly energy and water consumption as well as the waste flow through waste audits are assessed. Further components of the performance platform are a commuter and user comfort survey as well as measurements of CO2 and TVOC emissions.

The Arc platform can be regarded as a development of the LEED Dynamic Plaque and aims to further ad-vance the sustainable performance of existing properties in the future.


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