LEED v4.1 Operations & Maintenance

Updated rating system for existing buildings published

Announced at the end of last year and now in use. On March 26, 2018, after several years of development work, the US Green Building Council was the first to publish the system variant LEED for Existing Buildings (LEED O + M) with new and significant adjustments.

Valid only for existing real estate and interiors, LEED v4.1 O + M is clearly "slimmer" and simpler than LEED v4 O + M. The rating system has fewer conditions and credits but places greater emphasis on the actual and measurable performance of the building. LEED v4.1 evaluates the monthly energy and water consumption as well as the monthly recycled waste volume via the performance platform "arc", which is also marketed by the GBCI. Annual indoor air measurements, and surveys of commuters are also an integral part of this up-dated system variant.

Currently, LEED v4.1 O + M is still a beta version and thus in a test phase. The changes lead to lower costs compared to LEED v4 O + M and thus potentially higher market acceptance. Adjustments to other system variants, including BD + C and ID + C, are eagerly expected this year. Also announced is an increased orientation on the sustainable operation of new buildings. With its many years of expertise in LEED inventory certification, Alpha IC is pleased to support the first-time use of LEED v4.1 O + M. All buildings with at least 12 months service life can be certified.

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