Michael Dax talks about evaluation systems for sustainable construction

Sustainable Building Lecture Series, Faculty of Architecture, KIT Karlsruhe

At the invitation of Prof. Dirk Hebel from the "Sustainable Building" subject area, Michael Dax, Head of Green Building & Sustainability at Alpha Immobilien Consulting GmbH, will give a lecture on the subject of "Assessment Systems for Sustainable Construction".

Michael Dax will explain to students why the construction sector developed sustainable building certification, what formats exist, and how well-suited they are to assessing sustainability.

Starting in the winter semester 2017/18, the KIT Faculty of Architecture is offering a series of lectures on "Sustainable Building". The events are organized by Prof. Dirk E. Hebel at the Department of Sustainable Building.

A total of 14 lectures deal with the history of sustainable construction, current trends and standards of sustainable construction. Other speakers include Monika Goebel, Prof. Andreas Wagner, Prof. Matthias Pfeifer, Jan Wurm, Felix Heisel and Prof. Dirk E. Hebel.

The lecture will take place on Wednesday at 09:45 am in the lecture hall No.9 (HS9), building 20.40, KIT Campus South.

Michael Dax


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