New version 2017 of the DGNB certification system developed

Alpha IC has already years of experience in the fulfillment of the new criterion "FM-optimised design"

Future assessment in certification will consider how well the operation of the building was considered in the design. Specifically, FM-optimised design is a new criterion. In addition to performing an FM check and creating an extended operating cost forecast, concepts for optimizing user and usage-related energy consumption will be recognised.

The Alpha IC is a pioneer in this area and has been successfully offering advice on FM-compliant design for years: Customer benefits come through in reductions in operating costs and the optimization of the servicing of the property.

The implementation of an FM review with the corresponding concepts can bring significant benefits within DGNB certification. According to DGNB, the "gain" currently stands at 0.5% of the total assessment range. For comparison: in order to be able to post the same result as part of a life-cycle costing (ECO1.1), the manufacturing costs (KG 300 + 400) would have to be reduced by approx. 50 € / m² GFA for a medium-grade office building. For 10,000 m² this would be 500,000 €.

Other major changes to the certification standard include the ability to over-perform on criteria directly related to the circular economy and climate change mitigation, as well as greater emphasis on issues that highlight the contribution of a building in an urban context.

The German Sustainable Building Council (e.V.) has developed a new version 2017 of its certification system. The goal is to go to the market with DGNB V17 at the end of this year. The new version is to be seen as a response to the changed market developments and requirements on the subject of sustainability, with the claim of a value-oriented, holistic and transparent approach to sustainability.

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