Over 4,000 kilometers: ALPHA employees show motivation & sporting spirit

Alpha IC promotes an internal cycling contest within the Bamberg town cycling event

Cycling keeps you fit, is cheaper than driving, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. To illustrate the contribution of our own company to municipal climate protection, Alpha Immobilien Consulting GmbH has launched an internal cycling competition within the campaign of "Stadtradeln" climate alliance of the city of Bamberg.

A total of 50 teams participated in this year's Bamberger Stadtradeln from May 7th to 27th, 2017. The Alpha IC team ranked 7th in terms of activity (most kilometers per participant). In terms of the distance travelled, the medium-sized consulting company teamed reached ninth place by covering a total of 4,174.5 km. The kilometers traveled correspond to a CO2 reduction of 592.8 kg.

For the top three, Sebastian Hölzlein, Managing Director of Alpha Immobilien Consulting GmbH, provided added sponsorship support with 1,000 euros in vouchers for a bicycle store of their choice. In individual positions, Ferdinand Karnoll took the lead with 842 kilometers covered. Christina Graser and David Hugargowitsch finished second and third respectively. In addition, the team with the most distance covered got a group prize Obendrein gave the group with the most driven kilometers still a group price in the form of a restaurant voucher to bring. The team with Christina Graser, Johannes Gellrich and Jan Hesse managed to get through here.

ALPHA Fahrradwettbewerb 2017

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