Seminar: Inventory documentation & structure of a data space

Ing. Mag. Gerhard Haumer and Ing. Harald Lauer will speak on 21 June 2017 in Vienna

The identification of suitable, relevant information in the lifecycle of a property and the methodical prepara-tion and provision this information is the prerequisite for an optimal management and value appreciation of a property.

In the last few years, the possibilities for collecting data, generating and storing information permanently in a "data space" have changed significantly. Learn about the necessary methodological principles to orderly store and document knowledge from the wealth of information.

Whether it is an existing property or a new development - it is never too early to introduce standardized structures and organizational forms for inventory documentation. It is equally important to ensure the orderly transfer and verification of the building stock documents.

You will get information about the structures and organizational forms as well as practical examples. This seminar is essential support to the daily work of all who are responsible for the optimal management and / or appreciation in the value of a property.


2017/06/21, 9:00 – 17:00


Ing. Mag. Gerhard Haumer, Ing. Harald Lauer
Managing partners, Alpha & Partner Immobilien Consulting GmbH


ÖPWZ (Österreichisches Produktivitäts- und Wirtschaftlichkeits-Zentrum), Rockhgasse 6, 1010 Wien


440 € excl. VAT., incl. work materials, opening coffee, break refreshments, lunch and ÖPWZ certifi-cate, (concessions for members of a ÖPWZ Forum: 390 € excl. VAT.)

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