USGBC and BRE Group announce global cooperation

Combining know-how and industry knowledge for sustainable construction

The partnership between the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the BRE Group (BRE) was announced at the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo 2018 in Chicago. The know-how of both organizations will thus be supported and combined. The focus of the cooperation will initially be on existing building stock.

"My personal impression is that the USGBC will contribute the digital know-how of the arc platform and the BRE Group will provide increased content input as well as the existing large client base of existing real estate portfolio holders. How exactly the certification systems LEED and BREEAM will develop is still unclear. A completely new certification system might arise, at least in name. It is also unclear what the cooperation in the area of new construction will look like. “I'm eager to see how this will develop" says Lisa Harth, Consultant Green Building & Sustainability at Alpha IC.

The objectives pursued by the USGBC and BRE in the merger are the implementation of a digital strategy in addition to increasing performance in terms of measuring, reporting and improving environmental, social and well-being impact. These will increase the combined technological capabilities and establish industry-wide common data standards and protocols to make existing platforms simpler and smarter. Future transformation opportunities to further promote sustainability in buildings, communities and cities will also be focused on.

Lisa Harth

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