USGBC releases new system variant for rented space in the existing estate

LEED v4.1 O + M: Interiors

Many of our clients include building design and space use in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies.  However, many have been confronted with the limits set by the wider building conditions in which they are renting space.

Not anymore.

The American association has now released a solution called "LEED O + M: Interiors". This makes it possible for firms to consistently implement their own strategy and to certify their own rental space in accordance with valid Green Building standards.

The certificate is valid for 1 year and must then be renewed. This involves annual inspections, audits and employee surveys aimed at achieving optimal energy performance and user satisfaction.

As a sustainability consultant, we are positive about the approach, but make no secret of the fact that improvement options are restricted to the individual rental area. On the positive side, we find that the diversity to implement the key sustainability criteria continues to increase and that there are no system-technical limits.

We are happy to assist with the implementation of LEED v4.1 O + M: Interiors certification, but warn everyone who wants to work with us! Because for us, not the "label" itself is the focus of our consultation, but the sustainability of the property, in this case the real estate area.

Find out more in the following video: Link

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