BIZ Zwei


Better quality of life at the workplace - this is the claim that wants to be met by office buildings in Vienna’s district two. Also the office building BIZ ZWEI, which clean lines create plenty of room for efficiently usable and flexible office space.

The bar-like structure of the building is based on the urban principle of North-South permeability and the visual relationship between the open spaces Anger and lake. The gap with the bridge-like girder represents the core of the spatial composition.

ALPHA IC Austria carried out the audit of the technical plants for the owner DEKA Immobilien. Subsequently optimization measures in the fields of heating, cooling supply, building control systems as well as air condi-tioning and ventilation were accompanied by ALPHA IC Austria.


Client Deka Immobilien GmbH
Services Energy audit in accordance with EN 16247
Potential estimation LCC
Verification, planning, supply, implementation control
Conversion district heating transfer station
Optimization refrigeration / ventilation
Revision of building control systems of all trades
Status survey before expiry of the warranty period
Use Office and Administration
GFA 20.000 m²
Construction 2009-2010
Realization 2014-2016
  • Reduction of the district heating connection performance by 0.7 MW
  • Developing and implementing a consistent measurement structure (metering concept)
  • Optimization of ventilation systems
  • Adaptation of hydraulics and building control parameters
  • Optimization of cooling supply (reduction of refrigerator capacity)
  • Technical DueDilligence at end of guarantee

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