The existing office buildings on Adalperostraße 82, 84 und 86 are being renovated.  In the course of the renovation, the stairwell at the west side of section 1 is being significantly changed. Because of the high proportion of glazing, there is a risk of over-heating. 

In addition, existing glazing on the ground floor of section 1 is being retained.  As a result, there is a risk of high temperatures in summer in this part of the property.

Design needs to meet the requirements of DIN 4108-2 were set down.  In addition, air flow simulations were used to assess the need for cross-ventilation.

Simulation was used to identify measures that deliver comfortable summer temperatures in the office building.




Shading of the simulation model and the neighboring building

Investigation of the free cross-ventilation of the staircase

Comparison of maximum temperatures in summer

Simulation results of the comfort analysis in summer

Client freetech Planungsbüro
Consulting Services Consulting on Building Physics
Energy Modeling
MEP Design
Use Office and Administration
GFA 10.000 m²
Realization 2012 - 2013
  • Heat protection in summer according to DIN 4108-2
  • Analysis of conditions (comfort) in summer using room climate simulations
  • Cross-ventilation concept for the stairwell developed using simulation

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