Quartier Belvedere central


A new district called the Belvedere Quarter is being developed on the site of the former Vienna South Sta-tion. The investment consortium Erste Bank, Immorent, Strauss & Partner and S-Immo is developing Belve-dere Quarter Central in the middle of this area. The development area covers six components to around 25,000m² land area. Altogether a gross floor area of 130.000m² is being built. The goal is a diverse, dense and attractive urban development. This attractiveness extends to evenings and weekends with a combina-tion of offices, hotels, shops and other service, as well as health facilities.

The Alpha IC Austria was commissioned to consider two exemplary components to assess the feasibility of building certification and to develop an appropriate development strategy together with the client, the owner and future users. This included the comparison of costs, benefits and achievable grades from the various certification systems.


Client QBC Immobilien GmbH
Services              Sustainability strategy, LEED Pre-Check, DGNB and BREEAM (QBC 1), LEED and DGNB (QBC 5)
Use Office and administration, hotel
GFA QBC 1: 19.500 m², QBC 2: 26.500 m²
Realization 2013-2014
  • Strategy development and building sustainability certification in the design phase

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