Service GEsellschaft Sozialstiftung


The Service Gesellschaft Sozialstiftung Bamberg mbH (short SG) is with a staff of 700 employees, the internal service provider for the Trust’s hospital network. Among other things, this includes the provision of the management of technical building services, the building maintenance, and the planning and control of construction projects.

Particularly noteworthy is the integral advisory approach in which, through a combination of different types of FM market know-how, optimization potentials are quickly recognized and made usable in a pragmatic way for the Trust.

ALPHA IC supported the SG Sozialstiftung Bamberg in a change process. A workshop with leading technical service staff was conducted thus generating willingness for change (optimization).

Client Service Gesellschaft Sozialstiftung Bamberg mbH
Services Business Consulting
Use       Clinic
Staff members 700
Realisation since 2016
  • Assistance in tendering and award procedures "Technical Services"
  • Assessment of staff needs
  • Process analysis and optimization of operators, fault management, maintenance, inspection, SV inspections, repairs, management of locks and keys, vehicle scheduling, controlling third-party service providers, inventory management, procurement processes, management of car parking space, contract management, order and accounting management, warranty management, investment planning (budget planning), metering, document management
  • Documentation requirements (reporting) based on operator responsibility
  • Analysis of existing databases and support for transfer to new structures
  • Conversion of the CAFM solution to wave from Loy & Hutz as well as the adaptation to the process landscape with data integration

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