3rd GEFMA Lounge Bavaria-Nuremberg: "Three at one go".

 The third gefma Lounge Bavaria Nuremberg on Thursday, 22.09.2022 could finally take place "live" again. This was certainly one reason that the "Site Inspection" at N-ERGIE Immobilien GmbH (NIM) and Kundenservice GmbH (NKS) at the Nuremberg Sandreuth site was very well attended. The second important reason for the interest was the mobile concept of this lounge appointment. Because it offered the chance to get to know three projects in three groups at once.

Jochen Stein, project manager for real estate projects at N-ERGIE AG, led a tour of the parking garage of the future as the responsible architect and planner. Planned from the outset also as a public neighborhood parking garage, the 338 parking spaces with 128 charging points for e-vehicles are assigned and billed via app. This eliminates space-consuming search traffic. Architect Jochen Stein emphasized that the tender did not consider the cheapest construction method but the most economical and sustainable management in the long term. The system construction method selected in accordance with this enables deconstruction without sorting and the photovoltaic system on the roof supplies 100 KW in peak for operation.

The tour continued to the Smart Campus, which Anja Scheckenbach, responsible for IT and project coordination at NKS and head of the Smart Campus project, presented for the first time to an external audience together with her colleague Markus Ratzesberger, head of contract coordination measuring point operation at NKS. The Smart Campus has two main tasks: On the one hand, it is about visualizing the generation and consumption of energy in order to achieve efficient energy management. On the other hand, it is a test environment for N-ERGIE Nuremberg itself to try out new techniques for IoT solutions. The presentation focused on the possible uses of LoRaWAN® technology (Long Range Wide Area Network). N-ERGIE is already using this to transmit meter consumption data in Nuremberg and Fürth. In the future, LoRaWAN® technology can be used for municipal utilities and smart city concepts, such as the control of smart street lighting. Numerous applications are also planned or in use in facility management, such as the digitization of locking systems, optimized irrigation and energy cost reduction through smart metering.

Stefan Voigt, head of the Infrastructural Facility Management department, presented the topic of New Work at N-ERGIE. For this purpose, the groups went one after the other to building S71 at the Sandreuth site. The new working worlds developed here since 2018 served as a pilot for the group-wide roll-out. Stefan Voigt highlighted five "lessons learned" from this process: These include the recommendation to learn from others, to plan space utilization based on demand, including feel-good areas, to give employees opportunities for co-determination, and to establish flexible standardization of furniture and IT equipment. However, the "be-all and end-all" for a successful work environment concept is to actively involve employees in the change process.

The final get-together also took place in the open kitchenette of the new working worlds. Here there was the opportunity to continue professional and personal discussions with the speakers and with each other. This was the ideal setting for Lounge Director Sebastian Hölzlein to thank the event's initiator and host Elisabeth Mathes, authorized signatory and head of commercial building management at N-ERGIE Immobilien GmbH, for the invitation and all the speakers for their commitment.

You are cordially invited to the next Lounge-Hightlight: Panel discussion "Returns and sustainability. Limits and opportunities of a new value culture in the FM industry." on Thursday, 08.12.2022, 4 to 6 p.m. at the TH-Nürnberg.

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And another save-the-date: 16.11.2022, Practice Day "Operator Responsibility" at Orange Campus, Nuremberg under the direction of Ulrich Glauche, Rödl & Partner.