Around 100 participants found out how partnership-based collaboration in FM can succeed. 

Arnstorf. On 22.07.2021, the digital GEFMA Day Bavaria took place in the Lindner Group's recording studio. The thematic focus was on procurement in FM. Due to the current pandemic situation, the event was held purely digitally for the first time. Nevertheless, inspiring presentations and the subsequent discussion rounds resulted in a lively, collaborative exchange. Some of this also took place in small virtual groups. 

Who wants a lose-lose situation? Trusting cooperation delivers the greatest added value for both sides 

The day was introduced by Bavaria's lounge and junior lounge managers: Sebastian Hölzlein, Wolfgang Inderwies, Bernhard Obermaier, Walter von Koskull, Dennis Hepp and Philipp Ochel. Michael Stadelmann and Ferdinand Karnoll were connected virtually. The keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek, who used a thought experiment to demonstrate that trust-based collaboration between procurers and suppliers offers the greatest added value for both sides, was the highlight of the opening session. He argued that each individual must actively take a small step forward in order to create a basis of trust.

Digitalization and sustainability continue to be key drivers in the real estate industry 

 After a short break, during which participants were able to fill their personalized GEFMA cup with coffee, Dr. Herbert Grebenc took the floor. Expectations of FM in the Group are changing and achieving cost targets is no longer enough to meet the future requirements of building users, customers and visitors. Digitalization and sustainability are the key drivers in the real estate industry and determine the success of a company. This topic was also addressed by Anna-Lena Straßer and Dr. Mirko Fetter, who clearly explained how the digitalization of the service provider procurement process in FM can work using the Beestate® platform as an example. They emphasized that the personal business relationship between owner, user and operator must not be lost despite standardization.

Transparency and security as the basis for long-term cooperation 

After the lunch break, Nicolas C. Rummel presented BASF SE's FM procurement strategy and highlighted the importance of taking a holistic and global view of FM in order to create synergy effects in the management and awarding of services. Hermes Tillmann and Peter Eggersdorfer used the jointly developed operator model "FMgo!" to demonstrate how a partnership-based cooperation with service providers can succeed. The central aim was to create transparency and security for both sides and to enable long-term cooperation. 

The need to standardize repetitive processes 

Ahmet Kurum and Andreas Seibold then presented their FM framework agreement with Real I.S. AG, which standardizes the tendering process and thus increases efficiency and effectiveness in the awarding of contracts. The event was concluded by Ulrich Glauche, who explained how GEFMA deals with the issue of partnership in the procurement of facility services with the GEFMA 500 guideline.   

After the successful event, there was still time for a few closing words from the Lounge and Junior Lounge leaders about the interesting presentations and the shared exchange. Managing Director of the GEFMA Association Annelie Casper also took the floor and thanked the participants and organizers. A big thank you also went to the Lindner Group for their courteous support throughout the day and for making their recording studio available.