At the industry gathering of building technicians, you will learn how to maintain the building's function reliably, meet the increasing complexity of the plant, and implement the extensive safety and test regulations in the best possible way.

Gerhard Haumer is one of the experts. He led the first facility management company as managing director for more than 17 years and has established the Austrian-based company in six CEE countries as a real estate service provider with consulting, facility & property management services. Since 2012, the mechanical engineer and business economist has been directing the restructuring of the Porreal Group of Porr and since 2016 he has been the managing partner of Alpha & Partner Immobilien Consulting.

Amongst others, the topics that will be covered include operator safety in building technology, liability in operation, electrical engineering and testing obligations, clean drinking water, damage prevention in heating technology, requirements for legally compliant documentation for object handover and 7D building documentation are to be taught.

Let yourself be inspired by exciting lectures by top-class speakers.

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