Based on the outstanding performance in the past year, Alpha IC presented the "Stein-in-Brett (stone in the board) Award" for the best performance in the context of project work for the second time in March. Markus Henning was able to demonstrate particularly efficient project processing with 162%. He is taking over from his colleague Patrick Mahler, whose success data made him the winner in 2018.

The Highperformer Award was presented at the ALPHA Future Dialogue in Cologne. Markus Henning works at the ALPHA location in Bamberg as a senior consultant with a focus on green building and facility management. The second and third place went to Christoph Bald, junior consultant with a focus on facility management at the Nuremberg location and Johannes Gellrich, senior consultant with a focus on simulation and building physics in Bamberg. Congratulations to all for these great successes.

The phrase "having a stone on someone's board" can be traced back to the 16th century. Back then people liked to play a certain board game called Wurfzabel. The game was about placing your stones particularly well on the board. From this, today's "have a stone in the board" developed. A good friend who is at your side like a stone beside another on the board.