"The Facility Manager" celebrates its 25th anniversary

The editors of the November issue of 2018, "Der Facility Manager (The Facility Manager DFM)" review the last 25 years since the first issue was published in 1994. In addition to greetings from the GEFMA and REALFM associations, the mentors and leaders of this development were highlighted. These include Hans Pysall-Kroeger, the first editor in chief of the magazine, Otto Kajetan Weixler, Chairman of GEFMA, and Richard Weller, Managing Director and Marko Opić, Partner at Alpha IC.

Richard Weller, Managing Director of Alpha IC, is clear: "Over the past one and a half decades, cooperation with the DFM has always been characterized by partnership and good collaboration. I assume that we will continue to shape the FM together in Germany in this spirit."

In 2005, the cooperation with the two Alpha IC men began with one of the most successful publication to date, the "CAFM Market Overview". Marko Opić oversees the market overview as a technical head of all company changes up until 2017. "At first, I was delighted to see my picture in the paper - but then I suddenly realized that this is basically a gallery of those who preceded us. What they achieved impacts on us today and I'm looking forward to the next edition" says Marko Opić, Partner at Alpha IC.