Tanja Lemann, coach and organizational consultant, spoke to Richard Weller, Managing Director of ALPHA IC, about precisely this in the first issue of the „Lebens.werte“ Magazin. The journal deals in particular with the topics of "new leadership and lively thinking", aspects that play a major role for us. 

The idea of a free choice of partner was born on a trip to Switzerland and anchored in the company shortly before Christmas 2020. But what were the motivations? 

The free choice of managers, who support employees as coaches and mentors, has been in place since 2018, but there was still a lack of vitality. As we like to break new ground and try out new things, we wanted to bring even more flexibility to the company structure. 

In September 2020, the employees were sensitized to the topic of "leadership" in the regular internal future dialogues, which laid the foundation for the final decision. Of course, this was subject to the premise that the entire workforce and the management board were in agreement with the choice of partner. Tanja Lemann was an important support in the implementation at this point, as she accompanied our managers through the process with the help of her coaching.

Due to the corona pandemic, a physical meeting for a vote could not take place and therefore a different setting for a meeting had to be created. With the support of our sister company, Serthoro GmbH, we were able to hold a vote in a virtual meeting. Serthoro GmbH developed an app at short notice that made voting possible. The technical component was important at this point, as the application had to guarantee various criteria, such as interdisciplinarity in the teams and cross-location collaboration. The idea was then implemented in stages, but the app should only be seen as a guide, as the employees should ultimately decide for themselves with whom they would like to have a strategic partnership. 

But what is the key to successfully transforming a corporate culture? 

In a nutshell - open, transparent communication and honesty! Only through trust, a portion of courage and an open corporate culture is a change like this possible. 

Curious about a change? 

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