Technical Due Diligence

Decision basis with risk and potential assessment for your transactions or property portfolio.


  • Technical due diligence (TDD)

    Whether a property is in the portfolio or in a sale or purchase process, it is always essential to identify and assess the risks. Our review team identifies strengths and weaknesses and assesses the economic consequences. The results can be presented on client request in detailed reports or even in tabular form.

  • Environmental due diligence

    We examine the environmentally relevant documents taking into account the regulatory requirements, ana-lyze the usage history of the property, and present the risks arising from contaminated soil and groundwater as well as building pollutants.

  • FM due diligence

    By examining the relevant operating documentation and carrying out an operator audit, we can clarify the operator’s responsibility, its risks and the operating cost situation.

  • Sustainable due diligence

    In addition to the fundamental review of the green building characteristics, we carry out a pre-check for a LEED, DGNB or BREEAM certification. You thus receive a sound statement on the green building compliance of your property.


Unfortunately, there are still different interpretations in the market about the content and the intensity of TDD. The investor speaks of a complete investigation while the lawyer may even require a deep investiga-tion of all technical aspects of the property. In the end, a brief overview of the condition and investment needs is often the result. The fact is that very large investment decisions are made on the basis of the results of a TDD. Our cus-tomers are thus entitled to sound, conscientious processing of their projects that is not driven by time considerations.

For us, a TDD is "not off the shelf". Depending on customer needs and the specific characteristics of the property, a TDD requires the input of individuals from across our expert teams. Only through a good network, it is possible for us to use the right experts while meeting tight deadlines.

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