Which electricity is truly "green" and why it's important to be choosy?

Matthias Domke is a partner at Alpha IC GmbH and an expert in energy optimization and commissioning management. We talked to him about the topic of "green power" or "green electricity". And contrary to expectations, but in line with our holistic approach, he did not simply say "Yes, great stuff". You can read why here in his answers to our three questions:

  1. Why is purchasing green power only the last step in a decarbonization strategy?
    CO2-free electricity is the essential pillar for decarbonizing the energy industry, but it can also support decarbonization in other sectors, such as transport, industry or buildings. For the foreseeable future, green power will be a scarce commodity. In our view, an effective decarbonization strategy therefore imperatively requires reducing a building's energy demand, increasing energy efficiency, and generating renewable energy at the building. Purchasing green electricity is then just the last step in covering the remaining energy demand

  2. What requirements should green electricity meet?
    In Germany, there are no legally established criteria for green or eco-electricity. So it's a matter of finding out which electricity actually actively supports the energy transition. We believe that a green power product must demonstrably lead to an expansion of renewable energies and make an additional contribution to the energy transition. Accordingly, the green power's certificates of origin should come from the highest possible proportion of new renewable generation plants.

  3. What green power products meet these requirements?
    Certification with the "ok-Power" or "Grüner Strom Label" seals guarantees stringent and strict requirements for green electricity. These include 100 percent electricity originating from renewable sources, consumer protection, fulfillment of specific environmental criteria, and the exclusion of any significant involvement in nuclear power plants, lignite-fired power plants, or new coal-fired power plants.

Do you have questions, do you need guidance for your decarbonization strategy? Matthias Domke is looking forward to hearing from you:


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